Mar 20, 2010

Sometimes I get an idea in my head...

and I get nothing else done until I do it.

This time it was this...

My mom found this frame and print at a yard sale last year and gave it to me.
I love the primitives,
but I could never find a home for this one.
(I have a plan for the print though)
The frame was just the perfect size.

These little frames I bought back in December at Target for 50 cents apiece.
Don't you love the little orange clearance tags at Target?
You can find the best stuff sometimes :)

After many coats of paint and a little bead board wallpaper
... oh how I love that stuff...
this is what I came up with.
Getting the little frames to attach to the board took a little more thought than I expected. I couldn't glue them because then I could never change the picture.
So here is what I did:
The back of the frame is cardboard covered in bead board wallpaper.
I measured where I wanted the frame to sit, then punched 2 holes about a 1/2 inch part.
Then I threaded some ribbon through the hook on the back of the little frames, pushed the ribbon through the holes and tied them in the back. So easy and I can change out the picture whenever I want.
I hope that makes sense :)

Hobby Lobby has this neat long frame with little frames in it. I always look at it when I go. I pick it up every time look at the price, put it back down and walk away. It is a bit pricey for me, so why not make a smaller, cheaper version?
I have had the hardest time figuring out what to put on this hutch. It is red so I feel like the things I place on here need to be light colored. I am loving the white. I don't normally decorate with white, but I love the crisp feeling white has.

This box sits on one of the hutch shelves.
It has always been green. A nice mossy green.
Once I put my new frame up it looked so muddy and well not looking so good.
So what do I do...
Paint it of course!
I wanted it to look old and weather.
It has little compartments in the back half of it that
I wanted to have glass vases filled with flowers.
But after looking at the prices of cute little glass vases I decided not spent that kind of cash.
But good old Goodwill never lets me down.

If you ever look at those lightly green tinted glass "vases" please ignore the Coke-a-Cola logo.
Now I just need to find an old set of gardening tools and maybe some gardening gloves for the front compartment.

With a few other nice crisp pieces,
I think it has come together quite nicely.

I love this little bowl!
A nice $1.00 find at Goodwill.

I found all these little birdies at Michael's. I paid $1.50 apiece for the first 3.
But today I bought one more for 99 cents. They are on sale.

And it is done! {until I get another idea in my head} I love it. The only neglected spot is the space underneath. And that won't get any attention until I have no more babies at my house. Seeing as it is the absolute best place to eat snacks, race cars, and hide shoes and socks.

Oh yes... can't forget this guy.

Found him at Goodwill this morning for 50 cents.
"Whoo-whooo" knows what I'll do with him?

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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Team EVANS! said...

My mom has an owl just like that little guy! as a child it sorta freaked me out because he looks so stern.


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