Feb 27, 2010

Knock off part 2...

I put up my ABC canvas today.
It did not look right.

See look how boring. Just a bunch of beige shapes.
So I tried to add some color to the mix.
Now there was just a bunch of beige shapes with a red circle.
I decided to paint the frames.
I absolutely love these frames.
They have a fun paisley pattern on them.
First they were green.
Then linen with a brown wash. (like the picture above)
Then finally they ended up a robins egg blue color with a brown wash.
I added fabric ties at the top to finish them.

In the end I decided that the canvas looked unfinished without a frame.
Lucky I had a big one out in the garage.
It is too big, so there is about an inch boarder between it and the canvas.
I painted it red.
I am loving the red and the blue.
To bad my camera is taking horrible pictures.
It looks much better in person.

Feb 26, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock off...

Remember this post?

Well this past week I was at my sister's and finally attempted to make this.
Here is mine.
I was a bit worried (and I think everyone else was too) that is wouldn't turn out.
I had a hard time getting the vinyl to stick to the canvas.
Then I was worried that the stencil wouldn't seal and the paint would bleed.
But it worked.
I wish I had the time to put a frame around it.
When I was buying the canvas I couldn't remember if the original was square or rectangle.
I went with the rectangle so my circles are a little oval.
I also did mine brown instead of black
I still like it though.
I made this for about a tenth of the price of the original.
Not bad. Quite good actually :)
Now I need to find a spot for it.
The decorating is my favorite part.


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