Mar 25, 2010

$5 Dollar Challenge...

So first lets get the rundown on how much my $5 dollar project cost.

3 frames clearance from Target-$1.50 
{There are 4 shown but only used 3}
1 yard sale find from my dear mother-free to me :)
And since I am a craft supply hoarder I already had
bead board wallpaper

So to sum it up... $1.50 on clearance frames from Target.

Since I did this project a few weeks ago I don't have all the pictures to show how I did it set by step.
I was to excited to get it done to take a lot of pictures.

To achieve this cute little frame I covered the back of the frame with bead board wallpaper.
{oh I do really love that stuff}
Then got to painting all the possible surfaces that could be painted.
All 3 small frames, the large frame and then the bead board.
While waiting for the paint to dry I was on a mission to fill the frames.
I am loving the little birdies these days.
I searched this cite for the prefect graphics.
After printing off the birds I distressed the paper by wadding it up in a ball, flattening it out, then darkening the edges with brown paint. I wanted them so seem old.
To finish off the prints I put them on some old floral fabric.
After waiting for all the paint to dry I got to assembling it.
I put the bead board piece back into the frame.
This piece is cardboard to attaching the little frames was a piece of cake.
I punch holes through the bead board cardboard and attached the smaller frames with ribbon tied in the back.
confused yet...
Here is the finished product.

This little project was part of my hutch redo. If you are interested in how the whole thing came out click here


KS said...

I LOVE it. I love the birds so Cute!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a sweet project. You are one clever and crafty girl. Have a happy spring!

Kim said...

This is so nice - using the larger frame to make a bigger piece of art with smaller ones.

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Love this project!!

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

Your frames look really good with your existing decor! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful, and certainly looks like it cost a great deal more!! Yours is one of my favorites from the challenge.


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