May 24, 2010

Blank Slate...

This is it.
My decorating nemesis.
The master bedroom.
This is how it looks nearly everyday.
Laundry, unmade bed, shoes on the floor...

I am never quite sure how to decorate the master bedroom. I want it to be comfortable and inviting. An oasis for my husband and I. Kid and stress free zone. But as you can tell that is not happening right now. The kids books reside in the black shelf to the left, L's blankie on the bed and I am sure there are toys on the floor somewhere. 

What should I do with this space?

1 comment:

Williamson family said...

I hear ya!!! I have decided for myself that no matter how many times i clean and de-clutter my bedroom it will always look the same!!! I have deiced that for now that is okay with me. We are still in school, and justifying any money to be put here is ridiculous. Someday I would love the retreat you described!! I will anticipate your ideas. I painted a focal wall, that helped a teeny tinny bit. And I wanted something special to put on the wall above my bed that was fun and stylish. That helped too.


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