Apr 19, 2010

Photo walls...

Photo walls have a major impact on a room.
Done the right way they are a focal point that set the tone for a room.
Done the wrong way and they are just an eye sore.

Sawdust and Paper Scraps has got the photo wall down. I love her photo wall going up the stairs and continuing down her hall.

Tips for your photo wall:

Remember symmetry-
           Whatever collage you decide to do on your wall make sure there are no empty holes. I prefer a symmetrical look. Don't cluster all your large frames on one side leaving your small frames to balance the rest.
 Don't space your picture too far apart. A good guide is to use your hand. Keep the same space between pictures by spacing them with your hand.

Plan Ahead:
             Don't just go attacking your wall with nails and a hammer. Arrange and rearrange your pieces on the floor a few times. Then when you are happy with your design make a template out of old wrapping paper or newspapers the same size as your frames.

Wall Placement:
             After your decide your collage on the floor and before you tape up your template, think carefully about where the whole collage is going to go. You don't want to have it off center on a blank wall, or to high or low. After you tape up your template step back and look at it for awhile. When looking at it straight on, do you have to look up or down to see it comfortably? Is it balanced?

Just a few more things to remember:

              Things look better in odd numbers. 3,5,7...
              Unless you have a huge piece of art, don't ever just place one photo on a wall. Pictures and photo's look better clustered together. One small piece looks awkward and lonely. This is what I like to call the floating wall. The poor picture has nothing to hold onto and it just floating aimlessly on your wall.

               Frames can be very pricey. If you are like me and always decorating on a budget, go to thrift shops and Goodwill. Find old frames and paint them! I found all my frames (in the photo wall below) at Goodwill for under $15. The most expensive frame was the biggest for $7.

Here is my latest photo wall project. I love gathering pieces from all over my house and shopping for unique pieces to make it come together. Hopefully this one will turn out great!
Happy decorating :)

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Michelle said...

Love this post along with the template tutorial.

I gave you a sunshine award on my blog this morning. :)


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