Apr 24, 2010

Little kid-chen fun...

These sweet little kitchens have been making their way around the blog world for awhile now. And can I just tell you, I am dying to make one for my little girl! If you haven't seen these, I will give you one guess as to what this little kitchen used to be...

If you guess a tacky old nightstand your are correct :)

I bought these 2 little bookshelves at a few weeks ago at a yard sale. They are really to small to hold regular books, just small board books, and they are to small for toys. They are going to be perfect for a little kitchen. The plan is to find a nightstand to make into the kitchen. Then the two shelves will flank the kitchen on each side to hold all the pots, pans, plates and food. I can't wait to do this little project!!

I guess if you were just and amazingly crafty person your could just scrap the whole nightstand redo and make your own like Kristen from Crafting Chicks when she was a guest blogger at Knock off Wood.   Amazing!

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