Apr 11, 2010

Dining room re-do...

It all started with the table.
When I bought the table, at a yard sale, I was always very aware that the chairs didn't match the table. Not a huge deal. The chairs are a cream with a bit of a glaze over them. The table was just plain white. It always bothered me. I know that is crazy, most people didn't even notice, but just the same it bothered me. So after I finished painting my hutch I had a bunch of red paint left over and the table was just calling its name. So my plan was to just paint the white part red. That was it, a quick coat of paint or two and it was done...

Yeah, not so much. My dear hubby and I hauled out the table and set it up in the garage. My new toy was a paint sprayer and I was itching to use it. We sanded it a bit and then painted it. It took all of 30 min to do the whole project. BUT the next morning I went to check on it and my heart dropped, the paint was peeling and bubbly, plus with the slightest scratch the paint would peel right off.

So I decided to scrap the whole red idea and start over. It took DAYS and DAYS to get off all the red paint. Thank goodness for an electric sander and sharp razor blades. It took for ever to get it all off. During all that sanding and scraping I decided that I was going to redo the whole table. So I decided to re stain the top and match the bottom piece to the chairs. I am really glad the red didn't work out. The restained top looks so much better!

This is how it sat in the garage for a few weeks. Then I moved it inside because I was sick of not having a table. So again it sat like this covered by a table cloth for a few weeks. I was so worn out by so much sanding I couldn't bring myself to finish the table. Which is so not like me. I like to get stuff done quick. But since this gets used so much I knew it needed to be done the right was which meant I needed to take my time and do it the right way.

Here it is today! I love it!

So much better. I love the dark stain on top and the antique white on the bottom to match the chairs.
So since the table got a beautiful redo the whole room needed an up date too.
Here is how it looks now.

New paint color (good bye yellow-hello Gobi desert)

I love the new curtains.(or should I say mistreatment's seeing as they are an old table cloth pieced together with no sew tape and staples)

Changed the placement of the table to allow room for the hutch.

I moved the red hutch into the dining room to make room for the new piano :)
It fit perfectly into the little nook.

Some new vinyl and some sweet cast-iron stars from Goodwill.

So again here is the before...

And after ...

(please excuse the unpainted wall to the right and brushes to the left... always a work in progress)

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Leslie said...

Wow, fabulous job! I love the color you chose. I can only imagine how difficult it was to get all the red paint off... sounds like it was a doozie! The end result is beautiful!

miss corner cape said...

what a fantastic redo, honestly. great job. one of these days i will figure out how to redo my own piece that i have waiting.

thanks so much for your kind words on my sunroom, and for stopping by the cape on the corner!

Sunshine of Seven said...

It is truly Beautiful! All your hard work paid off!

Wendy said...

I like how it looks with a dark stain. What a great transformation! You have so many fun ideas in one room! I love your red hutch :)

Michelle said...

So pretty. I love everything you did. The Gobi paint, the curtains, the stain on the table. A+++ for a job well done!

The DIY Show Off said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job! I love it! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade. ;) I'm going to include a link to your post in this weeks' Project Parade. Feel free to grab the "I'm Featured" button.


off woodland lane said...

Oh this just makes me smile!


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