Feb 26, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock off...

Remember this post?

Well this past week I was at my sister's and finally attempted to make this.
Here is mine.
I was a bit worried (and I think everyone else was too) that is wouldn't turn out.
I had a hard time getting the vinyl to stick to the canvas.
Then I was worried that the stencil wouldn't seal and the paint would bleed.
But it worked.
I wish I had the time to put a frame around it.
When I was buying the canvas I couldn't remember if the original was square or rectangle.
I went with the rectangle so my circles are a little oval.
I also did mine brown instead of black
I still like it though.
I made this for about a tenth of the price of the original.
Not bad. Quite good actually :)
Now I need to find a spot for it.
The decorating is my favorite part.

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